Cut-To-Length Specifications:         

Post Hydraulic Cutting Device         

Delta or Mitsubishi PLC Control System

Automatic Control of Quantity And Cutting Length         

Input Data(Production Batch,pcs,Length,etc.) On The Touch Screen.           

Automatic Production         

7-Inch Delta/Mitsubishi Touch Screen Standard         

Control Voltage 24V

Decoiler Specifications:         

Max Feeding width: 51in. or 4.25 ft.         

Coil ID range: 508mm±30mm         

Capacity: Max. 5 Ton

See through plexiglass protective 

cover for the safety of the operator

(moving rollers can bite!)

High End Hydraulic cutting shear for light duty metal cutting. 

Adjustable bending attachment 

for edge bending. - Ideal for trailer 


Can cut horizontally in 3 different 

strips. Several configurations manually adjusted. 

Only 3 Main Screens for a simplistic operation experience

Main Screen:         

Choose up to 4 different language settings         





Cutting Screen:         

  Perform manual or automatic cuts. 

  Input up to 3 different lengths and the batch           amount for automatic cuts. 

  Keeps track of amount of pieces that have been cut.

Advanced Settings:         

  Set delays for the cutting

  Deceleration distanse 

  Pulse set

  and more

Pair with our 2 different types of Decoiler solutions:

Individual units Hydraulic powered. 

Coil Expands and contracts for easy loading and unloading of coils.

Join multiple decoilers on one chasis for a continuous line of production. With up to 5 coilers you can have up to 5 different colors or material on tap.

Powered by electric motors and a pneumatic release system.

We offer financing options for up to 60 months at 0.019-0.021 based on qualifying credit among other factors.

Contact us and we can get you approved within 48 hours!

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