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We fabricate our equipment in house using our own heavy duty equipment. Every business has custom needs and we are well prepared to provide custom solutions.



Verona Equipment was created to bring business solutions and opportunities to its customers, specializing in processing equipment for new plants and also upgrades for existing ones.
Verona Equipment is divided into areas of expertise and managed by individuals with vast experience in their corresponding fields.
Veronas vast experience dates back to the late 70s when its founder started a factory with the sole intention to manufacture and supply machinery to bring safety and jobs back to the local economy. 

Soon after, it became a leader in the fields of manufacturing, supplying, financing and, in some cases, traded with the the finished product throughout the Americas and Europe.
The factory was manufacturing end-to-end production lines for food processing plants, installing them and financing the projects.


Today, we are still manufacturing machinery, only the location has changed. We are now in the U.S. and targeting a worldwide market by offering financial and commercial trade opportunities.

Machinery experts and investors have helped shaped Verona Equipment International, Inc. where they obtain the majority of their influence through their experience with Italian made equipment. That is why Verona primarily uses Italian made parts in our machines. 

Verona Equipment is recognized by key players of the construction industry in more than 8 states as a solution provider who brings business opportunities to expedite and better the production process, always looking for the optimum ways for factories to lower production cost.      

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