V600 Bridge Saw

Verona V6000 Bridge Saw

A Bridge Saw cutting machine can be the solution for those industries trying to reduce the production cost and fabrication time.

It can be used on a manual setting that does not require training. So simple that a child could operate one, not that we recommend this!


A few more facts about our machine:

  • The cutting machine works with 20 gallons of oil (all the linear movements are permanently done in oil). 

  • The machines bridge weighs 6,000 Kg (The more it weighs the more stable it is for a more precise cut) 

  • It works in 45 degrees 

  • Table stops at any angle.

  • Principle motor has 25 Horse Power.

  • It can cut 5 slabs at a time.

  • The machine is programmed to cut automatically.

  • The machine has wireless functionality to be able to control the machine from large distances. 

  • It includes a camera and all software. (The camera is used for around the clock immediate technical support.) 

  • The machine comes with the standard 1 year warranty.

  • We can help to get financing and get approved. 


Our Bridge Saw is among the most popular ordered at Verona Equipment.

We offer financing options for up to 60 months at 0.019-0.021 based on qualifying credit among other factors.

Contact us and we can get you approved within 48 hours!

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