Pf-cnc 5 Axis stone Cutting Machine


Don't buy a 150k+ machine made out of plastic & CHEAP METAL.

Get our 304 stainless saw and make your competitors jealous.



The 5 Axis PF-CNC is equipped with the 

ability to automatically open any kind of sink with attached finger bit spindle. This machine is specialized for the stone industry with large production in mind. 

Importation of Cad Files can be done:

- Wirelessly 

- USB 

- On-Board


The 5 Axis Bridge Saw is a CNC controlled cutting machine with 5 interpolated axis (x,y,z,c,a) for the processing of marble, granite or other natural and engineered stones. It comes equipped with a touch screen for easy and intuitive use of CNC software (CAD, CAM) cutting and movement.

It is possible to execute linear shaping.

  • 0 to 360 degrees of head rotation

  • 0 to 90 degrees of head tilting

  • 0 to 85 degrees of table tilting 

  • 2 languages for easy operation: English, Italian.




  • Monoframe structure. Full Machine can be loaded inside a 20GP container making installation a breeze. 

  • Mono-Axial positioning for bridge transaction with servo motor

  • The entire set of CNC hardware and software origins are from Italy 

  • The machine is equipped with wifi connectivity which you can use to connect to a technician that can give remote technical support to anywhere provided wifi is available.


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